Our Story

Elite Prep Meals originated in New York City in 2006 as a passion project of Owner, Anthony Rapillo. Anthony had one goal; provide simple, healthy, custom meal prep options using the freshest ingredients. With over 15 years of culinary experience behind the menu and preparation, Elite Prep quickly became known for their incredibly fresh and delicious meals, and grew to serve thousands of meals each month.

In 2016, Anthony took Elite Prep to Jacksonville, FL where he quickly re-established the brand and helped serve hundreds of customers each week. In 2019, Anthony had the opportunity to open his own restaurant, but it meant putting Elite Prep on pause and moving to Cary, NC.

Fast forward to March 2020, when Anthony met co-owner, Eric Jones. Eric was a local health club owner/fitness coach looking to partner with Anthony and his restaurant to offer outdoor community workouts as both Eric's and Anthony's fledgling businesses were recently impacted by the COVID pandemic. Anthony jumped at the opportunity as both he and Eric shared a strong passion for fitness and living a healthy lifestyle.

It was early 2021 when Anthony and Eric decided to partner up and re-launch Elite Prep Meals right here in Cary, NC. It took the better part of 2021, as navigating the challenges of a global pandemic and it's effects on both of their existing businesses presented one challenge after another. However, determination prevailed and Elite Prep Meals NC officially launched in December 2021.

We are incredibly excited to be here, and even more excited about what's to come. Stay tuned as our story here in Carolina is just getting started.